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english conversation methods
1. learners of english must listen to each sentence in conversations (thematic dialogues) in audio materials several times and see their transcripts at the same time, and understand everything in those sentences clearly.
2. it is necessary that learners of english read (pronounce) each sentence aloud and compare their pronunciation to the narrator's pronunciation.
3. speaking activity with self-control. it is essential for learners to check if they can orally convey the content of those dialogues closely to the original dialogues as much as possible.。
that means they must try to be an actor for both speakers in the dialogues. the most important thing for them is to speak english。
and to check in the transcript of conversations (dialogues) whether they have made any mistakes in speaking.
learners can also make their own written questions on the dialogues that require long answers contained in the dialogues to facilitate (make easier) imitation of the dialogues.。
alternatively, learners can write key words and phrases, or main ideas as a plan to make easier for them to imitate those dialogues.
4. it is important that learners prepare potential questions and answers with important content on all everyday topics, and practise speaking.。
to show different ways of expressing a particular thought they can make several potential questions and answers on one point in this speaking activity.
5. learners of english must have lists of difficult word meanings and of phrases (expressions) on every topic with usage sentences. they must read those ready-made vocabulary usage sentences many times if needed.。
longman language activator dictionary (unique english idea production dictionary) covers this issue thoroughly。
it is essential that learners also make their own sentences with that vocabulary, taking into consideration real life situations.
6. students of english can learn a lot of vocabulary on every topic from thematic english dictionaries. good thematic english dictionaries provide clear word usage explanations and also a few usage sentences for each word meaning,。
which is especially important. it is essential that students of english also make their own sentences with difficult vocabulary. they should think about the real life situations where and when that vocabulary can be used.
7. learners can also master new english vocabulary by reading thematic texts (materials), first of all on everyday topics with important content, for example: practical tips and advice to make everyday life easier and better (practical solutions for everyday problems).。
such self-help books on settling everyday matters are available at book stores. learners must write down unknown vocabulary in whole sentences。
it is essential that they practise telling the content of the texts that they have read. as people say, practice makes perfect.
8. constant review of material ensures solid knowledge and success in learning.
9. it is very important that learners also make use of other important aids on a variety of topics to improve their english conversation and vocabulary skills: audios, videos (english learning videos, travel videos, etc.), internet resources。
english learning magazines, newspapers, newsletters, radio programmes, tv programmes (educational programmes, documentary films, movies, news)。
books and e-books on a variety of subjects, online communication with native english speakers  good libraries have a wide selection of english learning aids.



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